Job Fair event was launched at Marriott hotel on Friday October 25, 2019

: Joseph Hategekimana
: 2019-10-28 07:43:51 am

Rwandans who graduated from China expect to be employed by Local Chinese enterprises through informed networking dubbed ‘job fair’ event.

Chinese companies working in Rwanda have formed a new employment program to fight unemployment among Rwanda-China alumni.

Currently, over 600 Rwandans have graduated from various Chinese Universities including Xiamen, Peking, Shanghai and Jiao Tong universities.

Through a one-day job fair event that took place in Kigali on October 25, 2019 gathering together Chinese investors in Rwanda and Rwandans who graduated from China, the graduates gained a good moment to interact with their future employers and told the express-news that there is a great hope to get employed. 

The new program dubbed: “Job fair” is among other intensified efforts by the Rwandan government to fight unemployment among graduates, which has become a national concern.

Famous Chinese companies willing to employ Rwanda-China graduates work in the mining, construction and hospitality sectors, among others. This ‘Job fair’ program was formed by renowned Chinese companies working in Rwanda, namely; Hunan Road & Bridge, Huawei, StarTimes, China Nonferrous metal mining group and iYou—a mobile telephone Production Company.

The job fair program aimed at evaluating academic papers owned by Rwandan-China Alumni Organization in Partnership with the Chinese Embassy and it's Economic Counselor's Office.

In the drive to create jobs, the Rwandan government targets to create 1.5 million off-farm jobs by 2024.

Rao Hongwei, a Chinese ambassador to Rwanda said that the “job fair program will benefit unemployed graduates who studied in China. Once you are employed, take your job seriously, love it and work hard for your development and the company,”

“You will work with Chinese experts who are also experienced in various fields. Learn from them and work better,” he said.

He challenged Chinese employers to respect Rwandan laws while hiring employees.

“Chinese employers should respect Rwandan laws regarding employment to work harmoniously with new employees.”

“China and Rwanda realize that employment is the key to peoples’ wellbeing and have enjoyed good relations which must be maintained,” Hongwei said.